Will I lose all of my hair while going through chemotherapy?

Depending on your treatment plan, you may lose the hair on your head and possibly your eyebrows and eyelashes. It is different with each patient. Your doctor will monitor this. 

When should I shop for a wig?

We suggest that you schedule a consultation before you start treatment to allow time to have your wig before you experience hair loss. We will be able to see your natural hair and talk with you about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes.  

Is it difficult to care for a wig?

 Wearing a wig involves very little care and styling. The fibers have "memory" which means the fibers will retain the style and look, with little fuss. 

What is the cost of a wig?

They range in price depending on what type you select. Some insurance providers will cover a majority of the expense. You can contact your provider for covered services. There should be a toll-free number on the back of your insurance card.  If your insurance does not cover these expenses, please talk with us as we may be able to offer a discounted program to uninsured clients.  


 "My sister dragged me all over in search of a wig while undergoing my treatment. This was our 4th and final stop. It is a lovely place with a huge selection of wigs. The staff was wonderful!"
-Magda Novi, Mi 

 "Karen and her staff were very helpful. They were kind and compassionate during a very difficult timefor me"

"My girlfriend has melanoma and has lost a large section of her scalp .We went to this location, based on a friends recommendation. Upon our arrival, we were ushered unto a private fitting room where Amanda answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable. No pressure and excellent attention to her needs and comfort. I highly recommend Rebecca's Wigs!" 

"I had the best experience here. The ladies were so kind and helpful and I couldn't be happier with my wig."
-Jane Farmington Hills, MI 

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